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Monster headphone market to open up women

Female headphone market has been a virgin to be indirectly ignored, in fact, the demand for female consumers and headphones as much as men, in fact there is no headset is designed to meet several of the aesthetic orientation of female consumers, Monster headphones are to see this, then use a fashion commonly used packaging techniques to bring their own headphones into a kind of fashion jewelry, like necklaces and earrings the same product. Monster Lady GAGA also selected the headset as a fashion spokesperson, when Lady GAGA constantly wearing HeartBeats in her spread those over a hundred million times the MV, more and more people can actually recognize such a fashion original ear, the HeartBeats also deserved to become the main female consumer headset market in the first product.

Word 2007 automatic update method field results

In Microsoft Office 2007 Word can do some simple data calculations to Word2007, for example, as long as the switch to the Layout tab, in the data set in the command button click to start the formula, select the appropriate function command. Good use of this feature, although improving the efficiency of even more powerful, but if you forget to update it will drag, this is not the same as Word and Excel, is calculated form field, that is, change the data in Word tables , the data does not automatically calculate and update, we must own to manually select the cell, click the button select update Field the job. In fact, Word field results can also be automated updates, and methods of operation very simple: just click the top left corner of the interface of Office Word to edit the button, choose Word Options in the pop-up window, select the list on the left display key, and then update fields before printing the right check box selected, click OK to return to Word editing interface, later in print, Office 2007 download Word will automatically update all the good domain of the document. For Word 2003 users, as long as click Tools / Options in the pop-up window serves only to switch to the Print tab in the Print Options box you can check the updated domain.

Automatically creates a backup file in Word2010

In order to ensure Office 2010 Word document in a damaged or illegally modified to more effectively recover lost, users can enable Word2010 automatically create backup files. Automatically creates a backup file by enabling functionality, but can be modified each time you save a Word document to automatically create a backup file, the steps are as follows: Step 1 Open the Word2010 window, then click "File" → "Options" command. Step 2, open the "Word Options" dialog box, switch to the "Advanced" tab, then "save" area, select the "Always create backup copy" check box and click "OK" button. Users can in the original Office 2010 download Word document that automatically creates the directory for Word backup files, once the original file was mistake, you can open the backup file and save it as normal. Docx file.

Monster Turbine

Moster Turbine-ear headphones with robust shape with black, silver aluminum stripe is not boring shape, reveal a strong sense of design technology, materials, use of the whole metal package, the overall sense of full, unique look is not deliberately pay attention to their appearance effect, but in the chance to develop the magic sound of the tuning process engineers found that the helical turbine Tune also has very good acoustic response characteristics, the use of turbo spin structure can minimize the opening of the magnetic leakage and interference. Thus they present the appearance of the turbine, as a part of it is shaped like a car, said turbine. Moster Turbine-ear headphones have a cool shape, custom light set of dynamic elements of pronunciation, broadband response, high dynamic in the sound, all-metal tune, the quality of light, while ensuring the rich texture of sound reduction. In terms of high-quality wire lossless sound quality can be guaranteed a clear, effective to reduce interference. To some extent to ensure ease of use wire, but also increased the durability of time. In the splitter above also shows the identity of the turbine and the sound of their own brand of magic. 24K gold-plated plugs with a plug part of the material, the handle is made of the plug is very delicate and very small, easy to use.

Monster Solo headphone

In announcing the launch of the new ear after ear heartbeats, Monster Beats by Dr.Dre and announced to launch the new headphones Beats Solo. In the Monster Beats by Dr.Dre's headphone products, Beats Solo is a portable headset, priced at ear ear headphones Studio Tour and between. Beats Solo is equipped with ControlTalk wire, can be manipulated iPhone, iPod and other portable audio players. ControlTalk wire with a microphone, a built-in to reply button and microphone functionality, calls can be paused. Headphones to the right of b letters mute button, and the Shure Pth with similar effect can be amplified near the sound, its user-friendly design worthy of praise. There are early adopters of the users commented in advance "plug in headphones, music pumping, the first impression is: transparent, from the looks of the headset, the sound is definitely not imagine such a transparent, clear details, very accurate positioning in large dynamic will not be vague or confusing, especially to listen to some of the ROCK of the drum, can clearly identify the location of each drum hit, a strong sense of three-dimensional space, which is the SA5000 does not give the feeling to me, listen to some live recording will ever make you feel. the human voice is very prominent, very clearly in the instrument, be male, female are doing well, feeling very low volume feet, deep dive, the speed of recovery fairly quickly, listening to pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz is very cool, the performance of other stringed instruments and piano are good, the sound field is also considerable, estimated to have no problem listening to classical. "

Monster Beats pushing charity version of Solo HD, Spin

In CES2010 Consumer Electronics Show, Beats by Dr.Dre announced a new headset Beats Solo HD, BeatsSpin and new ear DiddyBeats. BeatsbyDr.Dre audio cable operators are well-known joint U.S. Hip-Hop Monster godfather Dr.Dre announced headset brands. 'S launch of headphones Studio, ear ear plugs and other products popular American arts industry respected. All are equipped with ControlTalk new wire can be manipulated iPhone3GS, iPod and other portable audio players. ControlTalk wire with the microphone, answer the phone. ControlTalk wire remote control and microphone support iPodnano4 / 5 on behalf of, iPodclassic120GB, iPod touch2 generation and iPhone3GS and update models and some BlackBerry models. Remote support iPodshuffle3 generation. DiddyBeats is the beats and Rap singer Puff Daddy (PuffDaddy) SeanPuffyCombs launch new earplugs. With black and silver two models.

Experience the new Outlook 2010 features

A new way to view and manage e-mail messages The biggest change is the Outlook 2010 application window layout changes, in view of the right side of the Outlook 2010 e-mail window, the new design of a mail reader window. In this window, you can read more accustomed to using the user displays the contents of the message, the message most of the information is concentrated in a reading window, scroll the screen so the user can reduce the time to browse the contents of the message. More particularly the content of messages, users require fewer number of scrolling, you can read the entire message is completed. According to their needs, users can also adjust the size of this e-mail reading pane, as long as the mouse placed in the reading pane on the left edge of the mouse to "drag" the pointer, hold down the left mouse button drag the mouse , Reading Pane can be adjusted to the size of their satisfaction. Because usually communicate with colleagues and friends, mostly through e-mail, sometimes one day will receive dozens of letters, before finishing in the mail on the organization and really have some trouble. Now in Outlook 2010, e-mail inbox is a way to sort through and view the organization, to open the Outlook Inbox, you can see the Outlook e-mail the organization offers a variety of view to see, including in accordance with date, session, sender, recipient, message size, message subject, type, attachment, mail accounts, mail or e-mail types of importance. By default, Outlook 2010 can follow the messages arrive in time to arrange messages, grouped chronologically, you can keep abreast of mail traffic order. And also sort by e-mail conversation, so that mail can be arranged on the same topic in a group, deal with it very quickly up. Processing in the messages, if you receive an important e-mail, often want to add some tags to it for later attention, or remind yourself, or want a different nature, different types of messages, Outlook's follow-up flag can help users to complete this operation. Marked by rapid Outlook 2010, users can add different tags for the e-mail to remind yourself of important e-mail follow-up action. E-mail and Outlook 2010 in the "Favorites" contains a "mark up" of the search folder, all marked "Follow Up" messages will automatically appear in the search folder, e-mail and words, this is actually an automatic to-do list. When we are ready to sign up for the added time for processing the mail, you can switch to "sign up" folder, and did find the mark every message. Find in the mail, Outlook 2010 has also been greatly improved. In the search toolbar in the "Find" text box, enter the keywords you want to find, for example, we want to find all contain "Office" key of the message, enter here "Office". In the Search drop-down list, select the Inbox, Outbox, I received e-mail, all folders or specific folders to search, set up, click on "Find Now" command, in the specified location contains the specified keyword search all the mail messages. Search is finished, if you want to retain search results, or hope in the future receive a new message containing the search keyword, you can also automatically categorized, you can click on the search toolbar "Options" command in the drop-down list select "save your search results for the search folder" command.

Microsoft Outlook2010 OSC social class to add new features

MS Outlook2010 in adding a new feature that called OSC (Outlook Social Connector). Can be SharePoint, Windows Live and other social networking sites for content transmitted through Outlook. In the bottom of Outlook mail software interface, this feature can display contacts recently published on these social networking posts and so on. Also learned that the next version of Windows Live Messenger software will add a similar function. Microsoft Outlook does not yet have this feature for the development of Facebook or Twitter plug-in, but according to Microsoft spokesman, Microsoft will soon release a third-party developers to use for the SDK software, designed to facilitate their new plug-in for Outlook. Microsoft said it had reached a site with LineedIn cooperation agreement, the site's content will be imported into Outlook's OSC function.

Co-create the magic sound headphones Beats Pro

The United States recently with Monster Beats ™ by Dr. Dre ™ launched the latest of the Beats Pro headphones. Stylish appearance, the trend of people to whom every heart; innovative technology, tailored professional musicians; special material, so often accompanied by good music around. If you want the list among the fashion trend, and the music one step closer to a clearer, more perfect for long with a headset, try the Magic immediately to the sound and Beats ™ by Dr. Dre ™ latest Beats Pro headphones now! Beats Pro construct precision, durability, using the world's leading headset manufacturing technology, excellent sound effects in the headset industry called first. Beats Pro for studio and studio use, home theater is ideal for listening to music, especially for music fans, music producers and musicians and other music professionals. Beats Pro uses the most advanced audio technology, to deliver the most accurate sound for fashion unparalleled listening experience. In addition, Beats Pro excellent sound technology, even in noisy noisy environment, can clearly distinguish every note, if exposure to professional recording studio, really appreciate the magic sound of "Let the music more beautiful" brand philosophy. Ordinary headphones commonly used plastic material body, year after year in studio use, the headset will inevitably cause some damage. The Beats Pro's birth, are a good solution to this problem. Beats Pro different from other headphones with the full metal material, can reduce the use of the resulting damage is one that is both easy to use, and durable professional music headphones. Beats Pro's innovative technology, just in terms of accurate sound, excellent sound effect, but also includes anti-headphone cable wrapped function. Beats Pro headphone cable fully tiled in the case off the assembly line to start a long 7-foot, cord wrapped around part of the ear is only 4 inches, is different from all other professional headphone cord wrap ears, allowing you to use lighter and more convenient. In addition, Beats Pro's two rotating ear cups can be flexible, especially for the professional DJ who can flip side of the headphones, while playing the disc at any time insight into the surrounding atmosphere and the environment. This design also allows Beats Pro folds up for easy carrying. Beats Pro headphones, the sound is magic with Beats ™ by Dr. Dre ™ co-operation in a series of headphones. Beats ™ by Dr. Dre ™ by the legendary musician and music producer Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen A & M Records chairman Jimmy Iovine co-founded, they are committed to creating a new type of headphones, trying to reproduce only in a professional studio to hear the music, so you can enjoy every note exactly.

Windows7 can not boot into the system solution

windows 7 system with powerful features and stunning interface to attract more users, but in windows 7 download system can not boot into the system but is a headache. Here is the solution windows7 can not boot into the system approach. Post press F8-repair computer - the command prompt (or boot from CD - Repair your computer - the command prompt) type: 1.regload "hklm \ offlinesoftware" c: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ software (2) Type regedit to open registry in order HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ offlineSOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ WindowsNT \ CurrentVersion \ ProfileList under s-1-5-21 starts with the entry in the registry under the ProfileImagePath not find the user name, write down the sid, usually 2 s-1-5-21-... ... 1000, and s-1-5-21-... 1000.bak, keep s-1-5-21-... 1000.bak delete s-1-5-21-... ... 1000 3. Unload Hive regunload "hklm \ offlinesoftware" Restart the computer, you can log on normally.