The early years has a rightness of young men

Sep 29, 10 at 07:28pm
The early years has a rightness of young men the matrimony in Alaska place in the United States, growing after tiffanny getting married, his wife dies because I am difficult to produce, leaving one kid.
His favour life, and then be occupied in watching the house, because no one helps to look after child, train a dog, that dog cleverness obedient, can look after a kid, bite milk bottle to nurse with milk to drink for kid, bring up a kid. One day, the host go out go to, call it look after a kid.
He tifanny arrived another country, can't come back on that day because of meeting heavy snow.The second genius rush through to go home, the dog hears noise to greet host immediately.He opens an of doors to see, is a blood everywhere, raise head on hoping, is also a blood on the bed, the kid is missing, the dog is nearby and readily ising also a blood, the host discover this kind of situation, think the dog goes into action, eating up a kid, having tiffany and co a fit under, picked up knife come to once the dog's head split, killing a dog. Hear the kid's voice after and suddenly, and then see him descend to climb to come out from the bed, the is to start to embrace a kid;Although the body contain blood, do not get hurt. He is very strange, don't know to is what happened actually, seeing again a dog body, the meat of the leg had no, having a wolf side, the inside of tifanny & co still bites the meat of dog;The dog saved little host, but was killed one by mistake by the host, this was really the most astonishing misconstruction of world. Note:Misunderstand of matter is a person usually Be doing not understand, have no rational, impatience, be in need of a thinking and can not make allowance for the other party in many ways, self-reflection oneself, the affection extremely excites of circumstance tiffany & co france under take place. Misunderstand in the beginning, namely always thoughted of the other party of thousand wrong ten thousand wrong;Therefore will make to misunderstand to sink more more deep, make not Today is the second day of 2009 ,it also a special for me .Because i have a chance to go to an english speech of LiYang and crazy to learn english follow him . He is a firendly,kindly person who UK tiffany make me feel good.What‘s more ,he very confidence .And he make me sure what he can do i also can do,as long as i make a determination and force myself to do it every second,Crazy just like him . I learn one setence from his book ever :If you want to succeed always force yourself to do more .I can't agree more with him . To be honest ,when i was a littel girl i already fall in love with english.But what a pity i am poor in english ,and it make me feel frustrating .So i want to give up many times ,but i can't as i still love it .So i tell mysefl :if you think tiffany & co UK you can you can ,and all your hard work will pay off.Today i am very happy i can listien this wonderful speech of LiYang. I reap a great benifits from him .As he say :i am the best ,and every one can do it . Yes,i belive i can do it if i crazy as he .Now i want to say :i will never give up.One evening, it was raining and the wind was blowing hard. An old couple came to an inn and prepared to put up for the night there. A young man received them with open arms, but said “I’m sorry! Our guest rooms here are all full and the inns nearby are all full, too, for there will be an buy tiffany important meeting to be held here tomorrow.”
Hearing the young man’s words, the old couple felt very disappointed, and turned around to leave.
Just as they were leaving, the young man came up to them and stopped them: “Madam and sir, if you don’t mind, you can sleep in my bedroom for a night…….”The next evening, the old couple took out lots of money to give it to the young man, but he refused to take it. “No!You needn’t pay buy Tiffany Jewelry me any money, for I only lend my room to you.” said the young man with a smile on his face.“You’re great, young man! It’s very kind of you. Maybe one day, I’ll build a hotel for you!” said the old man gratefully.


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