Women take part in the Baidu World C

May 13, 19 at 05:55pm

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So if we concur that buying gold for WoW is not in actuality a browser games criminal offence it in actuality arrives cutting to some several troubles - brilliantly summarised by myself below.

CANBERRA [url=http://www.jordan11platinumsailred.us.com/]retro 11 platinum tint[/url] , Feb. 2 (Xinhua) -- Female Australian MPs will from Tuesday be allowed to breastfeed in the House of Representatives, after standing orders banning "guests" in the chamber were revised to exclude children of breastfeeding age.

Leader of the House Christopher Pyne announced the landmark changes in parliament on Tuesday [url=http://www.jordan11platinumsailred.us.com/]air jordan 11 platinum tint[/url] , and said there was no place for outdated rules which act as a roadblock for women pursuing a career in politics.

"I want to see as many women entering parliament as possible and for them to not be deterred by any antiquated rules or practices that currently govern how our parliament operates," Pyne said on Tuesday.

"There is absolutely no reason that rules should remain in place which make life in politics and the parliament more difficult for women."

Late last year [url=http://www.jordan11platinumsailred.us.com/]jordan 11 platinum tint[/url] , Opposition Leader Bill Shorten called for the "archaic conventions" to be scrapped from parliament, after a female MP was told to "express more milk" prior to entering the chamber to keep her child occupied.

Prior to that [url=http://www.jordan11platinumsailred.us.com/]jordan 11 platinum sail for sale[/url] , in 2003, MP Kirstie Marshall was infamously booted out of parliament for breastfeeding her 11-day-old daughter.

Further to the changes allowing breastfeeding in the chamber [url=http://www.jordan11platinumsailred.us.com/]jordan retro 11 platinum sail red[/url] , Pyne also announced that male MPs would be allowed to care for newborn children, should no other option be available.

"No member of parliament [url=http://www.jordan11platinumsailred.us.com/]air jordan 11 platinum sail red[/url] , male or female, will ever again be prevented from participating fully in the law making processes of parliament because they are also caring for their child [url=http://www.jordan11platinumsailred.us.com/]air jordan 11 retro red[/url] ," Pyne said.

The innovation minister called upon state government to adopt similar laws.

"While this significant change only requires a single sentence to be amended in the rule book, I hope it sends a clear message [url=http://www.jordan11platinumsailred.us.com/]retro 11 jordan platinum sail red[/url] ," he said.

"I encourage the senate and all states and territories follow our lead in these changes and that we all never stop looking for ways that we can encourage Australians from all walks of life to become involved in public life."

Women take part in the Baidu World Conference in Beijing. [PhotoCFP]

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