vkmoon55: Chris Wilson stepped in and explained Path of Exile

Chris Wilson stepped in and explained Path of Exile

Jan 11, 19 at 09:48pm

In a similar vein, Legacy League at the beginning of 2017 had massive outcries from community members who learned about an exploit that were used to infinitely replicate the league mechanic, bypassing the pad cost and potentially torpedoing the market industry - until Chris Wilson stepped in.

And explained which the exploit was POE Trade contained, people that did it were banned, and that this hysteria on POE Items the subreddit and forums had potentially damaged the league’s reputation far worse compared to the exploit itself.

The community’s reaction Cheap POE Currency then, misplaced the way it was, will work better in a world where just a number of months prior, these were rocked from the announcement associated with an Xbox One port.

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