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Dec 6, 18 at 09:34pm
You're going to have a far greater time Maplestory M Mesos once you've picked up the particulars of a course. Duels against humans are the best way you are going to accomplish this. However in ancient days when you're facing down equally-noobie folks such as yourself, the basics will get you wins, as well as being the main issue to understand early.

It's also all on you (and your net link ) -- if you die, it wasn't because you got ganged up on, or surrounded by NPCs, or have been distracted capping a control stage. It's because you did not block their sweep and countertops. And now your mind is over there.

As the old song goes, stand with your man, girl, viking, knight or samurai. While experimentation is intriguing and encouraged, you'll want to select a course to stay for at least a little while. You will find sufficient systems in RS's massive web of positioning, attacks, counter-attacks, dodging and parrying that you'll want to focus on understanding them before you mix it up. The Vanguard set are the easiest and a few hours with them will set you well on your way.

Once you're getting more experience, branching out to find your niche will be important. Again, like fighting RS games, it will become a matter of discovering the way your selection matches up against different types of enemy and what your flaws mean opposite their own strengths. The'how to more benefit play' menu has fundamental and advanced videos for every course to get you started, and if you're getting serious watching all of them will give you an idea of what your opponents are around.

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