What do I need to know about archery tag equipment shopping

Sep 20, 18 at 03:15am
Searching for archery tag set online for sale is always a good idea but it is imperative to choose the right kind of equipment to make it a safe sport. While planning to shop for the archery tag equipment’s, you should be considering the following as key list:

archery tag set

Masks- Meant for protection and is a must product to get.

Arm Guards – These are made up of thick leather for protection. It is used for two reasons, first when the arrow is being shot it protects the inside of the forearm. Second reason is to hold the clothing when using bow and arrow.

Chest Guard – Looks similar to a waistcoat and made of nylon mesh, plastic and leather. Women use chest protectors more often as it protects women’s breast interfering with the direction of the arrow.

Foam tipped arrows – One of the typical equipment used in archery is arrows secured with foam tips. The shaft are made from fiberglass and carbon making extra durable and flexible.

Finger tab – The finger that pulls the string is where finger tab is worn. They are made up of leather or synthetic material. Mostly in summer they replace the use of gloves.

Safety Harness- Safety Harness is required in hunting specially while using bow and arrow above the ground level. safety Harness reduces the chances of injury if fallen from a height and ensure that they don’t hit the ground.

Being a game of survival, archery tag set can only be mastered with the right kind of equipment. While buying archery tag set, consider a creditable supplier to ensure smooth and positive transaction.

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