What is archery tag equipment?

Sep 20, 18 at 03:14am
Archery tag equipment is set for new archery sport. This is a game that involves two teams each having five participants who play against each other. Its components include:

A paint ball

A dodge ball

Classic archery

Laser tag


The main objective is to beat your opponent.

To lay out the discs of the opponents.

After being knocked out by an arrow, a player is voted off but can still go back to the game if their team either knocks off their opponents with an arrow or if their fellow member of the team manages to get hold of the arrow.

To play archery tag you need the recommended archery tag equipment that includes:

Bunkers that becomes an impediment.

Face masks



Arm guards.


They are inflatable and act as impediments in the game hence they are very crucial for the art in the game.


For safety measures, these are necessary because they offer protection.


In archery tag, there are special arrows that have flat foam tips to ensure safety because these arrows can tolerate a reasonable weight and length. The fiber that they are made from makes them long lasting and flexible.


The archery bows are composed from fiber and leather materials that make them safe and easy to use.


These arm guards are made from leather and they take the important role of keeping the forearm safe and protected.

In order to ensure safety, flowing and protection, you should play the game with expert equipment as opposed to the home made that are not very safe. Archery tag equipment is a thrilling experience that should be experienced by each one of us.

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