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Bremont U-2/51-Jet
The secret black meets the vintage lume in the tough, nail-like aviator watch.
In his classic "The Right Things," Tom Wolff wrote that in the early days of the Cold War, a way to determine a military test pilot was by observing his wrist. “There are about two thousand calibrations on the watch and it is used to record all the dials that are different from the enemy. These excellent watches are almost the brothers’ badges.”
Wolf is doing the right thing. There is no doubt that large-tool watches have long been a symbol of adventure and sturdy preparation, whether it is a naval diver's maritime resident or a popular fighter athlete's Navitimer. Now, Instagram has expressed a "most just thing" to worship a large number of followers. While some of us (accused of guilt) have already shown off our own timepieces on the spot, few wrist hits can compete with the pilot's cockpit in a 80,000-foot spy plane. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the @bremontm army's information maintained by the Bremont Military Project Department, which is filled with photographic evidence of extreme distraction.
BUY RICHARD MILLE RM 50-27-01 NTPT cheap watch.Bremont's business is very active, producing custom (dial, pointer, rotor, etc.) versions of watches for various international military regiments, squadrons and special operations forces. Perhaps the most famous is the original U-2 Squadron watch, which is the black DLC version of Bremont's famous MBII. In addition to the company's strict ejection seat test, it also confirms the flawless operation of the U-2 spy at extreme heights. The plane flew over. This watch is very attractive to civilians, so Bremont produced a series of standard versions and became one of the most popular watches. This spring, the company introduced a new version of the U-2/51-Jet, and made some further adjustments, introducing some design hints from other Bremonts, which made it attractive on already handsome watches. During the townhouse event in Bremont, New York last week, I had the opportunity to spend some time using the new U-2.
The interior of the U-2/51-Jet is basically the same as the MBII it is based on, and its watch does not require further technical improvements. Everyone knows that the Omega Speedmaster series has been extensively tested and available to NASA, but MBII can give it money as a greedy punishment. Originally developed in collaboration with the British company Martin-Baker, the watch manufactures ejection seats for most of the world's military jets. This watch has been tested in the same way as the seat itself, from salt spray exposure and high/low temperature limits, vibration and G-force testing, to real-time ejection on the wrist of the crash test dummy. In addition to the 100m water resistance, the U-2 also performed 80,000 feet of correct operation in a non-pressurized cockpit.
The MBII / U-2, like all Bremonts, is certified by the Observatory, tested by COSC in Switzerland, and then confirmed by Bremont, in Henley-on-Thames. This movement is based on an ETA movement, carefully decorated, assembled and adjusted by Bremont and has a new nickname BE-36AE. The self-winding rotor is similar to the radial engine of the aircraft and is now the symbol of Bremont. In the MBII and standard U-2, this movement is hidden behind a sturdy bottom and iron movement to prevent magnetic forces, but in the new / 51-Jet version, it passes a rather special smoked sapphire The crystal of the display screen shows that the motion itself is processed by DLC.buy Hublot Big Bang 44mm Steel 301.SX.130.SX cheap watch
The U-2/51-Jet's outer casing is a familiar 43mm steel "Trip-Tick" three-part design. Unlike Bremont, the upper part consists of a bezel and a strap horn, an anodized aluminum knurled "bucket" mid section, and then used Screw the bottom cover. Internally, the movement is held in place by a proprietary rubber damping ring. The Bremont case is a versatile and attractive design that is equally adaptable to sporty style and refined design, and is medium in size. For those who think it's important, they are interested in producing Bremont's own silverstone machinery in England and then processing it with a black diamond-like coating.
The U-2/51-Jet is a double crown watch with a bi-directional rotating internal timing ring that is activated by the crown at 4 o'clock and uses Bremont's patented "Roto-Click" mechanism, which performs on the spherical ring. Index bearing. It is particularly desirable to use this timing ring, although it is easier to operate the wrist than the operation, but the crown position at 4 o'clock is a bit awkward.cheap ZENITH PILOT TYPE 20 EXTRA SPECIAL 29.1940.679/21.C800 watch
All of the features described are common to the entire MBII, and by extension, the U-2 observation family is common. Therefore, the rather strange name U-2/51-Jet is actually more like the design derivation of the existing watch, but although it has similarities, it is a major change. First of all, the name "51-Jet" gives some clues. “Jet” refers to the black case and barrel surface treatment, which is a military version made according to the requirements of the Royal Air Force 100 Squadron. "51" refers to the P-51 limited edition Bremont manufactured a few years ago, which uses a colored luminescent paint between ecru and caféaulait. The color is so popular that Bremont uses it again on its ALT1-ZT chronograph. Paired with the U-2's black case and minimalist dial, it adds warmth to this watch.
Some people really dislike the colored lume, often referred to as "faux-tina." But my point, as I said before, is just another color on the available palette. If it's attractive on vintage watches, why not modern? Without any intention, this is an old watch with a decaying enamel on the dial, but it is just a color that makes many people shine.discounts cheap men watches
Consistent with the dial, it is very different from the other U-2 watches in the series, all of which have oversized 6, 9 and 12, hashes at other times, and date and date windows. The U2 / 51-Jet no longer uses the daytime display, but instead uses the hash and Arabic dial of the Solo watch. With a tinted lume, it adds a peculiar nostalgic atmosphere to this sturdy modern pilot's watch, which is finished with hot blue steel hands. There is also very little text on the dial - only the Bremont logo above and the small shockproof symbol under the palm. The trend of delaying minimalism is the timing loop, which removes the minute hashes of other U-2s in simple Arabic at intervals of 5 minutes.
The U2 / 51-Jet is mounted on one of the thickest black belts I have ever seen, with no visible stitching and a black DLC pin buckle. Bremont usually comes with a good strap, and this is no exception. But personally, I might transfer the watch to a nylon or Cordura strap, and because of the softness of the cream mark, I think it looks surprisingly beautiful on a tan or olive monotony.
After Bremont introduced two new series of watches in the new 40mm case size in 2017, 2018 seems to be a more reserved year, an adjustment for new colors and existing watch collections. ALT1-C, AIRCO and Supermarine 500 have been updated this year, but for me, U-2/51-Jet is the most interesting.cheap Rado Integral Chronograph R20 591 15 2 watch

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