tpelovedolls: Real TPE #censored# Doll Alin 140cm

Real TPE #censored# Doll Alin 140cm

Sep 10, 18 at 03:22am
Real TPE #censored# Doll Alin 140cm

SKU: NP-29

Our shop supports you to give you the doll of your dreams. Customization of our TPE Love Dolls is available in 7 steps. Make your doll a unique character, designed and modeled according to your requirements. The realism of the doll will bluff you with the quality, finesse, beauty and sensuality of your glamorous doll. The natural charm.

Every adult knows the importance of having a decent real tpe #censored# doll at home. Below are the Importance of having this #censored# doll and the live with #censored# doll.


The first thing you will notice is that a #censored# doll is very dependable and you can take it practically anywhere. If you travel often you can carry your #censored# doll as you go.

Human like

Another thing that is important is that the one feels like they are at “home”. With a #censored# doll you fulfill that need since the Adult Dolls can be an exact match to any woman around.


One other important factor in this #censored# doll is that they are soft. Just because it is not their primary #censored# doll does not mean that it doesn’t need to be soft and comfortable to your body.


The last thing is that they are comfortable. If you want to get the best #censored# possible then you need a #censored# doll.

Material: high quality TPE
Height: 140cm
Hips: 72cm
Waist: 51cm
Bust: 74cm
Weight: 23kg
Metal articulated skeleton
Vagina: molded removable
For #censored# Oral, Anal and Vaginal
Vaginal depth: 18cm | Anal: 17cm | Oral: 13cm

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