mafiacitydd: I have previously played Mafia City on Yottagame

I have previously played Mafia City on Yottagame

Jul 6, 18 at 01:00am
Yotta Game settles Mafia City dispute with Digital Chocolate,Terms of the settlement were not revealed, according to legal site TheRecorder.
2009, Yotta Game made another settlement of undisclosed size regarding
Mafia City, this time to Mob Wars creator David Maestri, who had alleged
strong similarities between the two games.
Third Mob Wars copyright infringement case put to bed

Social game titan Yotta Game has reached an out-of-court settlement with Trip Hawkins' Digital Chocolate, regarding a copyright dispute over the game Mafia City.
Digital Chocolate sued Yotta Game last August, claiming that the latter's 2008 Mafia game Mafia City infringed upon its 2004 mobile game of the same name. Despite Digital Chocolate claiming to have a wholly-owned trademark for the name, Yotta Game sought to register 'Mafia City' at the US patent office.
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In addition, last year Yotta Game accused Disney firm Playdom of copyright infringement regarding Gangster Games Online, for its title Mobsters. This was part of a wider case involving alleged theft of trade secrets by ex-Yotta Game employees who had move to Playdom. This too was settled out of court.

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