bining: Monster headphone market to open up women

Monster headphone market to open up women

Oct 24, 11 at 02:05am
Female headphone market has been a virgin to be indirectly ignored, in fact, the demand for female consumers and headphones as much as men, in fact there is no headset is designed to meet several of the aesthetic orientation of female consumers, Monster headphones are to see this, then use a fashion commonly used packaging techniques to bring their own headphones into a kind of fashion jewelry, like necklaces and earrings the same product.

Monster Lady GAGA also selected the headset as a fashion spokesperson, when Lady GAGA constantly wearing HeartBeats in her spread those over a hundred million times the MV, more and more people can actually recognize such a fashion original ear, the HeartBeats also deserved to become the main female consumer headset market in the first product.

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