bining: Automatically creates a backup file in Word2010

Automatically creates a backup file in Word2010

Oct 13, 11 at 05:54am
In order to ensure Office 2010 Word document in a damaged or illegally modified to more effectively recover lost, users can enable Word2010 automatically create backup files. Automatically creates a backup file by enabling functionality, but can be modified each time you save a Word document to automatically create a backup file, the steps are as follows:

Step 1 Open the Word2010 window, then click "File" → "Options" command.

Step 2, open the "Word Options" dialog box, switch to the "Advanced" tab, then "save" area, select the "Always create backup copy" check box and click "OK" button.

Users can in the original Office 2010 download Word document that automatically creates the directory for Word backup files, once the original file was mistake, you can open the backup file and save it as normal. Docx file.

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