Monster Turbine

Sep 21, 11 at 07:08am
Moster Turbine-ear headphones with robust shape with black, silver aluminum stripe is not boring shape, reveal a strong sense of design technology, materials, use of the whole metal package, the overall sense of full, unique look is not deliberately pay attention to their appearance effect, but in the chance to develop the magic sound of the tuning process engineers found that the helical turbine Tune also has very good acoustic response characteristics, the use of turbo spin structure can minimize the opening of the magnetic leakage and interference. Thus they present the appearance of the turbine, as a part of it is shaped like a car, said turbine.

Moster Turbine-ear headphones have a cool shape, custom light set of dynamic elements of pronunciation, broadband response, high dynamic in the sound, all-metal tune, the quality of light, while ensuring the rich texture of sound reduction. In terms of high-quality wire lossless sound quality can be guaranteed a clear, effective to reduce interference. To some extent to ensure ease of use wire, but also increased the durability of time. In the splitter above also shows the identity of the turbine and the sound of their own brand of magic. 24K gold-plated plugs with a plug part of the material, the handle is made of the plug is very delicate and very small, easy to use.

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