Monster Solo headphone

Sep 20, 11 at 08:42am
In announcing the launch of the new ear after ear heartbeats, Monster Beats by Dr.Dre and announced to launch the new headphones Beats Solo.

In the Monster Beats by Dr.Dre's headphone products, Beats Solo is a portable headset, priced at ear ear headphones Studio Tour and between. Beats Solo is equipped with ControlTalk wire, can be manipulated iPhone, iPod and other portable audio players. ControlTalk wire with a microphone, a built-in to reply button and microphone functionality, calls can be paused. Headphones to the right of b letters mute button, and the Shure Pth with similar effect can be amplified near the sound, its user-friendly design worthy of praise.

There are early adopters of the users commented in advance "plug in headphones, music pumping, the first impression is: transparent, from the looks of the headset, the sound is definitely not imagine such a transparent, clear details, very accurate positioning in large dynamic will not be vague or confusing, especially to listen to some of the ROCK of the drum, can clearly identify the location of each drum hit, a strong sense of three-dimensional space, which is the SA5000 does not give the feeling to me, listen to some live recording will ever make you feel. the human voice is very prominent, very clearly in the instrument, be male, female are doing well, feeling very low volume feet, deep dive, the speed of recovery fairly quickly, listening to pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz is very cool, the performance of other stringed instruments and piano are good, the sound field is also considerable, estimated to have no problem listening to classical. "

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